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Galaxian Tabletop Arcade Machine by Coleco  
Image by Speedy Badger


Galaxian Tabletop Arcade Machine by Coleco  

Image by Speedy Badger

While going for a walk today, I found an abandoned PS2. It looks beat up and dirty, and I seriously doubt it works. I think I’m gonna sell it on eBay as “for parts”.

Considering upgrading my desktop CPU and RAM and turning it into a dedicated Steam gaming machine.

I’ve discovered that DiscJuggler burns Dreamcast games better than IMGBurn with CDI plugins. Yesterday I tried to burn Daytona USA in IMGBurn and the CD didn’t work in my Dreamcast, but tonight I burned Daytona USA with DiscJuggler and the CD worked just fine.

My Space Channel 5 Part 2 CD-R works in my Dreamcast!

Attempting to burn an English version of Space Channel 5 Part 2 for my Dreamcast.

You may be curious as to how I’ve been burning these Dreamcast games on Mac OS X.

I have VMWare Fusion 4, and I installed Windows 7 - actually “Tiny 7” by eXPer1ence - in VMWare.

In Windows, I downloaded this file. It’s IMGBurn with some extra files which allow you to burn CDI files. (CDI files are the file format used with Padus DiscJuggler.) After you install IMGBurn, you copy the extra files to the IMGBurn installation directory which is C:/Program Files/IMGBurn.

Then I go to a ROM site such as CoolRom and download a Dreamcast game. I use WinRAR to extract the CDI file from the archive.

Then I run IMGBurn, click on Write image file to disc, then choose File -> Browse for a source file, and choose the CDI file. Then I change the burn speed to 16X, deselect Verify, then click on the Burn icon.

And once the game finishes burning, I take it out of the computer and pop it in my Dreamcast.

So far I’ve burned 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker and Sonic Adventure in this way, and both games work on my Dreamcast.

Managed to successfully burn another Dreamcast game onto a CD-R and play it on my Dreamcast. This time it was Sonic Adventure. It’s still a good game, but it hasn’t aged as well as Super Mario 64.

Finally succeeded in burning a Dreamcast game on a CD-R and playing it on my Dreamcast.

Well I defeated Misery Mire and Turtle Rock. And then I defeated Ganon’s Tower and defeated Ganon inside the pyramid! :)